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  ActionScript for Non-Coders
Subject:   Additional AS Placement in the VCAM
Date:   2004-11-09 21:13:40
From:   eff-werks

I wanted to say thanks for the update and I did send Macromedia my request in regards to the AS export for video issue. Now I have another problem. I'm looking over the AS for the VCAM and I'm essentially trying to create a fisheye look to the viewer using typical convex magnifications and or masking techniques. (The masking techniques work best on a static image. So it doesn't really work here.) What I'm really trying to do is figure out the best place within the VCAM AS to place a convex distortion to give me the desired effect. Any suggestions? I really appreciate it. Thanks.


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  1. Additional AS Placement in the VCAM
    2004-11-10 09:36:51  Sham_B [View]

    • fisheye emulation
      2004-12-29 20:12:35  mike9292 [View]

    • Additional AS Placement in the VCAM
      2004-11-10 09:37:55  Sham_B [View]

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