Subject:   MacNoteTaker
Date:   2004-11-09 21:35:22
From:   cruss
I want to interject, not about a txt editor for the mac, but away to take all that txt on your mac with you. If you use txt files on the mac and own a palm you must, i repeat must, have MacNoteTaker.
VT Page
Yes, it hasn't been updated in two years and the mac x conduit says beta, but it just works so well. It takes a folder (non-configurable so just make an alias to it) of txt files and syncs it to your palm. You can then edit them there and sync them back.

"Big deal" you say "I can do that with Memos in the palm desktop." No, those don't actually come out as txt. Even iPalmMemo isn't as configureable as a txt editor. But I digress, the big feature is the folder based organization. No longer do you have to keep your notes in a 1 level deep category system. Multiple folder madness awaits you. It also has an import for the Memopad on your palm to ease the transition, and it has a Trash folder for discarding unwanted txt.
"What's the catch, It can't just be that good" you say. There is one problem, if you trash a txt file on the Mac or Palm, you also have to trash it on the other or it will return after your next sync. It can be annoying but not a show stopper. Especially for those of us who live in a txt world, ASCII slingers, txt editor addicts.

(written in SubEthaEdit)

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