Working with Hibernate in Eclipse
Subject:   Hibernate Synchronizer and HiberClipse
Date:   2004-11-10 00:36:42
From:   yuubouna
Hibernate Synchronizer:

I am in the midst of hardship of how to configure the Base*.java inside the default <BASE> dir. About the underscore problem. Because the declaration of variables, getter and setter contains UNDERSCRORE!! I dont know how to configure the Hibernate Synchronizer Snippet,especially the [VariableDeclarations] and it is a Velocity. I paste to the forum about my problem, but then no response ever!...

About the HiberClipse:
I almost installed it many times but Im failed. Then the author itself "Ricardo Lecheta" said he didn`t try the plugin he made in the PostgreSQL, which the database that I use through out. And it is a JBDC problem.

Any one could give me some help, because we are in a project using these useful plugin.
Hope that it works fine!!!

Thanks also to Mr. James Elloit, for a very informative topic.


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