Fun iPod Tricks
Subject:   The Adaptable iPod
Date:   2004-11-10 06:35:56
From:   Rambling Sid Rumpold

Nice article - maybe someone from Apple will notice that you've outlined the wider appeal of an iPod. Plainly all their ads are targeted at teen & twenty something musiclovers.
Old codgers like me find that it has a wider appeal than that. Of course it has my music collection but, I often use it also as a time shift device, for listen once and discard items. Exotic stuff like Scottish Football chat shows, Classic British comedies, not to mention audio books or radio streams from Kyoto to Cuernavaca. It's great to doze off listening to things you'd otherwise have missed, and all without disturbing a sleeping wife.
I use software from Bitcartel (Radiolover & iRecordMusic) the former for recording Internet radio streams, the other does stuff from the BBC or NPR.
Enjoy your articles keep 'em coming.