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Subject:   X is good for all
Date:   2004-11-10 07:00:18
From:   JaredLyvers
Not sure why you would try and lump all admin into your " we don't need X for amdin". While I will agree that it is not an absolute it can still be a very helpful tool. I manage 12 server that all run a personal build of Linux From Scratch. I have X installed on all of them. Granted I do not have X running by default but I do use it when I am going to edit multi files.

Just because I do not use X all of the time on my servers, I more than make up for it on all the workstations that I manage. If X could get more big names to help w/ backing for dev. then we may start seeing more high profile software vendors making the switch to linux as well.

Disregarding X would be just as bad as disregarding the need to keep the linux kernel updated. X is an important part of Linux and should not be put on the back burner.

Jared Lyvers

Lewis Communications