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Subject:   Documentation
Date:   2004-11-12 08:54:34
From:   sukrutikves
Linux utilities do not actively maintain man pages. They have their own "info" documents which contain much detailed and better organized information.

(For example while bash man page is over 4000 lines, bash info starts with a two page index).

And most of the distributions come with a nice utility called "pinfo" which will allow lynx like (nicer and easier) navigation of info pages.

Extract from ls man page:

The full documentation for ls is maintained as a Texinfo
manual. If the info and ls programs are properly installed
at your site, the command

info ls

should give you access to the complete manual.

Corrosponding info part:

Append a character to each file name indicating the file type.
Also, for regular files that are executable, append `*'.
The file type indicators are `/' for directories, `@'
for symbolic links, `|' for FIFOs, `=' for sockets,
and nothing for regular files.

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