Build Your Own Blogging Application, Part 2
Subject:   Script
Date:   2004-11-12 18:04:04
From:   ptwobrussell

My apologies. You need script to make your blog functional. It is inserted below for your convenience. I'm sorry it's not inline in the article above. Hopefully, the script tags around it will preserve its structure for you.

#Glue for the perl scripts

#configuration settings
export BLOG_PATH=/Volumes/<insert your .Mac username here>/Sites
export BLOG_PAGE=sampleFormat.html
export BLOG_ENTRY=newentry

#update the image tags in file 'newentry' and
#copy the image files to the iDisk

#execute the script and pass args.

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  1. Script
    2004-12-19 19:20:34  manuelderieux [View]

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