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Subject:   help tutorials in project builder navigation on NSView
Date:   2001-10-26 17:07:54
From:   psheldon
Response to: help tutorials in project builder navigation on NSView

I have thought that, were my only objective tutorials, these are listed in an accessible place in either help viewer or project builder's viewer.
Having found a part of a tutorial in help viewer, I can click on previous pages until I get to the start and title page of the tutorial, then click on the path to see where the table of contents containing that title was and then hypothesize which of the titles in that toc would get me back to the beginning of the tutorial, check it out and back arrow until I hit on it. Then I could find it in project builder to have ongoing help in a project.
It might still be neat to save bookmarks or shortcuts found with help viewer via some sort of interapplication communication or interapplication drag and drop awareness . I am suspecting this to be a bit more complicated than merely my wish because the lists constructed by help viewer might be temporary ram urls and someone would have to show drag enabled or disabled at times . Perhaps such interface complication isn't needed . Sometimes forcing a single aps metaphor might force users to explore that metaphor .

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  1. help tutorials in project builder navigation on NSView
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