Fun iPod Tricks
Subject:   don't forget iLinkPod
Date:   2004-11-12 22:59:19
From:   oneworld

from the website:
LinkPod is first of all a unique tool that creates a permanent and direct access from your Desktop
(and your iPod or wherever you want) to the hidden folders in which iPod stores your audio files.
All this in the safest way, without modifying any file/folder or configuration file of the iPod!
Direct access means that you'll access your previously hidden audio files directly from
the Finder, while they remain hidden! (remember: iLinkPod will not modify any properties of files
on your iPod!). So you don't need iLinkPod or any other utility to access your hidden audio files
on the iPod, you'll have access to them through a common folder on your Desktop (and iPod too).
You don't need do execute iLinkPod again if you add or delete/modify songs on your iPod, you'll
have access to your iPod as it is in that moment!
In future plans, iLinkPod aims to become a complete "softhacking" tool for your iPod,
allowing you to learn how it works, for troubleshooting, indepth personalization, or just curiosity!