Network Test Automation with Mac OS X and Tcl
Subject:   incorrect regular expressions
Date:   2001-10-30 06:59:24
From:   glennjnn
The regular expression examples on page 3 of this
article do not match

% set myPhoneList "555-1212"
% regexp { ([0-9]+)-([0-9]+) } $myPhoneList matchFound prefix localNumber

This does not match because there is no space
preceding 555 in $myPhoneList

The 800 example is similarly incorrect.

In the last example, the "Ethernet|Fddi" one,
the regular expression does not have a
closing brace}

Did you not test the examples first?

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  1. incorrect regular expressions
    2001-10-30 11:38:53  mnorton01 [View]

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