Network Test Automation with Mac OS X and Tcl
Subject:   Updates to the prose ...
Date:   2001-10-30 11:57:38
From:   mnorton01
Response to: Updates to the prose ...

hi Jeff,

Thanks for the feedback.

As for the 8.4a2 build that is the only release that appeared with Expect for the Macintosh. I agree, Expect should HAVE been included with the stock tclsh for the Mac. Apple comments???

Choosing the ftp example was merely to demonstrate console login and interaction. This was a simple example to show login and authentication for a UNIX style platform.

As for Perl, in large corporate environments remember coding is a collaboration. I may write the report tools in Tcl but I hand off the info to another person who maintains the web server. This admin may choose to code in Java or Pearl.



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