Will You See Open Source J2EE Implementations?
Subject:   it about fear
Date:   2001-10-31 05:23:38
From:   littleworld
Open source is an organic way of developement.
The best solutions will float to the surface. You'll need an open mindness (lightness) for that.
If you want to get grip on that process you will became heavy and you'll sink.

SUN want to get a grip on the Java process, because it is afraid. They do not dare to give over to the organic process.
It will became heavier and drown. And some day a new Java and J2EE will float to the surface.
What is really powerfull on Java and J2EE is the grouping of concepts.
These concepts are as old as the IT business. And can be implemented in every language, OS, etc.

If SUN want to stay on top with Java en J2EE it has to stay/became light c.q. open minded.

Shall we start developing a better J2EE then? It's fun you know. :-)