Sharp's Zaurus SL-6000L: A Free Software PDA
Subject:   Setting Up Zaurus to Sync with WiFI
Date:   2004-11-15 22:49:55
From:   jgd42
Thanks to Guylhem for this information. Which was posted by jdaley on the Zaurus DevNet Forums

1) setup pc-link on the zaurus and zaurus manager on the pc to use USB-TCP/IP and the IP address that you want to use. eg
2) setup your wireless card on the zaurus to use the same IP address on the zaurus ie.
3) setup the pc wireless card to use the same ip address with .1 as the final octet ie. caveat - if your Z address was eg then the PC address would have to be )
4) edit /usr/lib/samba/smb.conf change the interfaces line to use the Z ip address ie. the 3.1 default says interfaces usbd0 change it to interfaces
5) reboot the z (simpler than trying to restart qpe!)