Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 1
Subject:   Why can I view PHP pages but not html ones?
Date:   2004-11-16 07:47:15
From:   CrazyPsyRoller
My problem seems rather strange...I have no problem viewing php pages through my browser or LAN using this kind of address

but when i try to view a html page in the same way I get this error in my browser...

You don't have permission to access /~Tristian Bougeard/index.html on this server.

Apache/1.3.29 Server at tristian-bougeards-computer.local Port 80"

im probly being really dumb, anyone got any idea's how to sort this out?

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  1. Acually I think it might be a permissions problem
    2004-11-19 03:43:16  CrazyPsyRoller [View]

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