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Subject:   Downsampling mp3s
Date:   2004-11-16 19:17:49
From:   macitect
Response to: Downsampling mp3s

I see the date, I know this is late, but for anyone else who might be coming to this very late like myself here is the answer to this question:
in iTunes prefs under importing choose IMPORT UNDER: MP3 Encoder, then under SETTING: Custom. In custom choose the bitrate that you would like and then make sure you have SAMPLE RATE: auto and a check beside SMART ENCODING ADJUSTMENTS.
Next choose the songs that you would like to decrease the bitrate for and go into ADVANCED>Convert selection to MP3.

This will 'reimport' meaning that you will then have 2 copies of the song(s). Remember to change back the settings in prefs before importing anymore music that you want to have in high quality!