Weblog:   TUX magazine: dressing up Linux for the desktop user
Subject:   Linux as powerhouse desktop
Date:   2004-11-18 13:30:31
From:   nyghtone
Linux is not only my main powerhouse, it's all that I allow in my house. I see no reason beyond school assignments that require some form of winblows to even put myself through the horror of dealing with winblows.

Especially in the last 10 months I've seen programs come out and improved to the point where the only thing I really can't do in linux that I can in windows is run macros in a spreadsheet, but oh well, I'm sure they'll get that done at ooo soon enough, I have the utmost confidence in them dudes, they be da bomb.

With the release of solaris 10.0 as free I look forward to the positive ways that could impact the entire linux community as well, but we will see.