Introduction to Cocoa Graphics, Part 2
Subject:   oop building from frameworks
Date:   2001-11-08 12:35:01
From:   psheldon
I decided, as I went along, to make laboratory research notes in my project which I would then paste into a topic in a thread. So, I added a file, of type empty, to my project, we might call it a tabla rasa or empty canvas, I called it scratch!
When I put into the project the new file subclass to nsview, CurvesView, Apple put in the stubs for me to fill in with some comments where I was to fill in.
I observed afresh methods only appearing in implementation with minus signs prefacing them. I got out my ObjC.pdf and saw the minus sign meant it was an instance method rather than a class method. I wondered why these instance methods only appeared in implementation ".m" files. I believe this was because they were overrides. I thought there must be a terse way of phrasing a fundamental thing about oop, "overrides of a subclass to a fundamental class afforded by apple or next step in a framework which aren't seen by someone through his interface, will instead only be seen by the parent class through its interface. In this manner, we build upon rather than through".
I wish I could write this more tersely or cleverly, because I think such a statement would be a turning point in research notetaking on what oop building from frameworks means.