Hack:   The 30-Second Skip
Subject:   Tivo Series 2 - You don't lose "skip to end"
Date:   2004-11-24 08:19:04
From:   dougkramer
The original function of the "skip to mark" button (that is, jumping to the next mark on the playback progress bar at the bottom of the screen) can still be accessed by first pressing fast forward or reverse.

  • Press the fast forward button and then press skip-to-mark and the playback will advance to the next mark (or the end of the program if you're close to the end of playback.) Skipping past the end of the program takes you back to the start of playback.

  • Press the rewind button and then the skip-to-mark and you jump back to the previous mark, or the beginning of the program depending on your place in the playback.

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