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Subject:   Universal Portable Laptop
Date:   2004-11-24 13:51:48
From:   Alan27
I can find no perfect portable that will essentially do almost anything. I wondered about the Powerbook G4 with Virtual PC 7. How well will this work? Any experience out there! Can you access a modern high-speed wireless internet network with the Sierra/Verizon card for example? How does performance degrade under Virtual PC. How fast is switching from one environment to another - PC to OS X and back? I suspect you will have to wait for a Powerbook G5 to make all this happen very well. There is also the issue that this ultimate laptop will cost more than buying a good PC laptop and a decent Powerbook without the additonal memory and software required to run Virtual PC really well. The grahpics card would have to be very good for a portable and decent battery life would be necesssary also. Digital audio/video interfaces are not commonly available on good laptop PCs - I would like both inputs and outputs withotu boxes or dongles/breakout/converters/splitters.

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