Sony Ericsson T610 Camera Phone Review
Subject:   Camera
Date:   2004-11-25 21:51:09
From:   GraemeT610user
Response to: Camera

In regards to the comments about the camera being useless and the different opinions. I brought one of the first ones available in tasmania well over 12 months ago I would think and I think It was a fairly new phone at the time. I agree the camera is worse than useless on my phone and a couple of others I have seen of the same age are equally useless, BUT I know of heaps of people who have got what must be second release units the phones look Identical but seem to be a bit quicker in the OS but the real difference is in the camera, we have downloaded photos from a friends via the infared on the laptop and printed quite ok snaps off the colour printer. I enquired at the Telstra shop why the differences, he indicated that they'd be from different batches and I could send my phone away for a software upgrade but this would cost and take a few weeks. So I agree that SOME of the cameras are useless, but there is a way to get better results if your willing to wait so don't knock an otherwise excellent phone.