More LDAP in Mac OS X Server
Subject:   Groups?
Date:   2004-11-28 18:19:57
From:   tonywilliams
Response to: Groups?

Unfortunately the mail system in OS X doesn't use the groups in the LDAP directory and it is a non-trivial exercise to get it to use them.

However groups are merely an instance of a mailing list and there are a few ways you can get mailling lists working. you can use Mailman, built into OS X or they can be in the alias file.

TYou can find the alias file as /etc/aliases and you can either enter the list straight into this file so :


or you can have the addresses in a separate file included like so

group-address: include /path/to/file

and then put each member of the list on a separate line in the file.

With a little thought you could write a Perl script that wrote the files for you.

Once you have the files done then run sudo postaliases /etc/aliases so that the mailer can rebuild its internal database and you are done.


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