Subject:   JEdit
Date:   2004-11-30 10:50:58
From:   heavyboots
Response to: JEdit

Yet another vote for jEdit, at least as a coding utility.

It has by far the best syntax highlighting--you can break your syntax shading down much further with jEdit than with many of the other text editors.

It also has a thriving developer community that has produced some really great plugins, like Whitespace, BufferTabs, SFTP and Code2HTML that can really speed up your code development.

And be sure that you play around with Abbreviations! These are typing shortcuts, so you can type something like IF#x < 0#x == y# and it will automatically generate this:

if( x < 0) {
// do something
} elseif( x == y ) {
// do something else
} else {
// do that other thing