Hack:   The NoCat Night Light
Subject:   Was perfect IDEA !!!!! Hope this is the right group for my posting
Date:   2004-11-30 13:59:18
From:   dcorrell
Response to: perfect IDEA !!!!!

Being somewhat of a retro relic that still calls it CMT rather than Wireless and since WIFI is RF I hope that I am not too off topic with my semi ranting rambling style and I'm not so sure about cats screwing in light bulbs either but before I expatriated to Jawja when I was a berzerkleyite I knew more than a few cats who screwed in hot tubs. O'k forgive the weak humour and the self serving bs but those were the good old days when you could walk to Whole Earth to score pcs, hard to find hardware or parts and precious knowhow and other sacred data or info, byby C64, 1200 baud and bbs, ain't this whole internet thing the people's revolution, o'k a different scene long ago and far away, now we have a Fry's down heah below the cotton curtain amoungst the red clay and kudzu (move over Best Buy et al and worse) and finally the last mile of the digital divide was breached by DSL so by by Mindspring /Earthstink dialup and hello world, and most especially thanx muchly for the Siemens Speedstream info. (finally on topic!) I may cash in on 15 years in Tellecomm and hack myself an upgrade from DSLite later so shhh plez don't tell or I may catch Allhell. I almost got it going early on but the software would not handshake till I dumped the DLink for a Buffalo router which btw is so easy to configure I even got it working without Wireless Zero until dunderhead me accidently turned on the wrath of Mr. gates by one click too many, o'k so we windows some and we well have to sometimes service pack it in for another go at it a week or so later ---
Now for the 64 k ? Can anyone give me any tips on how to really un -firewall the unloveable unstopable SP2 Firewall which no matter how many services I kill still manages to screw up my file sharing workgrouped 54G mixed wifi net. Since the router sports Statefull packet as well as nat and WEP and --- why do I get hosed and microshafted, could it be Windows Help or remote registration or system restore by some helpful remote administrator? Despite the abrupt sea change in wireless config zero apres Mr Gates rude SP2 dump I think that I can finally claim to own my own equipment again. The splat forced arrogant undocumented deeply embedded Firewall rules, cetainly seemed like a cat since it seemsto have nine lives and always manages to land on it's feet! But I see an article by greatly honored Mr. Grallia on Firewalling somewhere on this Site, but I haven't quite surfed there yet, well I almost made it but crashed possibly due to the 60 or 70 open Windows shared between Firefox and IE (Plez resist the temptation to indulge in a beta called Firecow lest you find out like i did). Maybe one of you fine folks logged on here at may have some hints? About the Firewall not the madcow. The Hacks tip on GPedit certainly made my day! I finally managed to get the last laugh on Redmond well at least till the next patch or if I have my way Service Pack. Bad as the attack of the worms and the adcreeps the suits and the service packs and Security Center are worse. Lotus may barely runbut DOS is never done.
BTW did you know that you can stream media wirelessly without sophisticated software or expensive equipment. Yep'ir! I have netted 5 or 6 XP boxes and several sundry Mac and Linux installs. The XP boxes were a relatively easy port as long as you stay in Classic mode, even with the enviro cursed by the M$ imposed SP2 ball and chain, But getting the Mac to talk to the PC and not too mention the pain of Red Hatting Wirelessly, (at least Suse sambad well once) but otherwise with NO High Dollar Wireless Media Server and only a 54g router configured with MS Networking my Jackson Gang enjoys AGK'd XVid in ways the MPAA might not truly appreciate but hey I bought those DVd's all 250 of them and somewhere once upon a time we had archival rights thanks to Beta Max, and now with an Open Source AC3 filter to pass through a very cheap SB Live 24 Bit to my not so cheap old Harmon Kardon Stereo Home theatre reciever amp and re -synth in glorius Dolby Surround through all six of my thundering old speakers. I can streaming Hellboy or Chronicles even Shrek room to room without dropped frames. Winamp imho worked great but MS MP 10 works even better. BTW OOGs beat the heck out of the 128 bit MP3's but the WMD lossless is supreme for restoring my old vinyl greatfull Dead, Bob Marley or even the 'Big Mon' Bill Monroe, pst thanx again Preston One last hack bit much to my suprise I found a Prescott 2.8 could rip and stream at the same time, amazing! Now about configuring that nasty sp2 firewall rules. Well sorry if my frequent verbose rambling posts have shook up or offended but I just read this great Book XP Hacks and am working on my second Network Hacks and found this fabulously wonderful forumn at --- I'm finally having a great day hope you are too. Thanx for being patient with my long rant er hax.

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  1. Was perfect IDEA !!!!! Hope this is the right group for my posting
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