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Subject:   OSX 10.4 upgrade
Date:   2004-11-30 16:09:23
From:   iwantiger
Response to: OSX 10.4 upgrade

Well after speaking with a manager at one of the Mac stores I am going to wait for the Tiger release from its cage (10.4.1). Why you ask? The following is based on the information I got from the Apple manager: If I ever have to or want to re-install the OS from scratch, I would first have to install the original OS that came with the computer (45 minutes or longer) then first re-install OS 10.4 Tiger (even more time).

Also all new operating systems have bugs to be worked out. The manager told me within one month the bugs should all be resolved. And so I guess I have to wait for the OS 10.4.2 or the second release of Tiger.

Note: I am new to the Mac world of computing. I have decided my next computer to be a Mac G5. I want everything in the computer to be 64 Bit and take full advantage of the unmatched 64 Bit processing only found in the new Mac G5 computers. I have read all this is on this sting and there is allways a flip side to the coin. Hats off to Macintosh. As far as I know all tech suppoert if anyone would ever need it is located in the "good old USA". It is not out-sourced overseas to save money like so many PC companies are presently doing.

I have recently researched computer companies. Everything from buying the right computer to their tech support. Just try getting tech support from a PC company. You may be talking with someone in the far east or somewhere far far away with a native thick accent that can be very difficult and frustrating to understand.

Thanks all, iwantiger

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