Feds Discover the PowerPoint-QuickTime Connection
Subject:   Heavy Transitions
Date:   2001-11-15 16:37:40
From:   dave2

While watching the version of "Defend" with heavy transitions, I felt my blood boil and had to fight an urge to stand. I pictured women in Kabul removing their veils, men shaving their beards, and Radio Afghanistan returning to the airwaves. I remembered Pearl Harbor, the Maine, and the Alamo, and I even wondered if maybe the Viet Cong didn't have it coming.

Watching the version with instant transitions, I felt suspicious of our motives in entering World War I (was J.P. Morgan pressuring the government to get involved to ensure repayment of his loans to Britain and France?), heard the sobs of Shoshone men and women walking the Trail of Tears, and even wondered if maybe Theodore Roosevelt had a hand in the assassination of William McKinley -- a conspiracy theory all my own that I can't seem to get anyone else to even consider.

A 90-percent reduction in file size is terrific. But at what cost, America?