Choosing a Language for Interactive Fiction
Subject:   Screenshots! The bane of all servers...'cept eBay (show me other HEAVY TRUCKS by EMILY POST).
Date:   2004-12-02 00:31:21
From:   steve_nordquist
This sounds like terrific fun, communicating with entire worlds of all-caps objects without a thought to legal compliance; but what kind of literature, ranked 1-10 (or at least 1.2 to 7.4, the range in exercise this round of the contest)should I expect? Is it not also 'on rails'? As such, do I at least get to see an advanced 'doomed savegame' starting out?

All I can remember is that when playing Stephen King's

    The Mist
, the virtual corpses and reboots stacked up rather high, and I think my character was forced to start smoking.