Dynamic Content with DOM-2 (Part I of II)
Subject:   Thankyou
Date:   2001-11-18 11:09:44
From:   darknerd
Most of the books out there, even from O'reilly, simply do not cover foundation material for W3C ID DOM. I bought many books and was very disapointed, as most covered older NS4 and sometimes only IE5. I scoured the net for resources, but found that many scripts were (1) not even JavaScripts but CSS... (2) would only work for either IE4 or NS4, or (3) is cross-browser meaning only NS4 and IE4/5. I found some useful stuff at Netscape and Mozilla, but nothing could really tell me how it was done before, and how it is done in ID DOM.

I find this and other articles here, extremely helpful. This combined with other fragmented information will show me how to create truly cross-browser code, and also base most of my code on progamming W3C...