The Hacker Behind "Hacking the XBox"
Subject:   Hacking, Hackers, and personal rights.....
Date:   2004-12-04 15:21:35
From:   The_Wiz
Well, IMO there are "Good" Hackers and "Bad" Hackers. "Good" Hackers are people with great technical talent that can either modify, create, or in some other way change something (be it a piece of hardware - computer, car, etc. - or software, which could be the software that runs a PC, game console, or even your car) that may improve it's performance, usability, or asthetics (looks), and is not meant to be malicious or detrimental. A "Bad" Hacker is the same technically talented individual, with the exception of the intentions of their modification or creation - it is meant to be malicious, harmful, or detrimental in some way.

Modding the XBox is not really about making it the most technologically advanced thing in the world - it's partly about adding new features and capabilities to something that you use and enjoy, and maybe to satisfy a desire to "tinker", or learn/understand, or even "create".

It would be like adding a Holley 650 to your 1969 Camaro, and then adding dual exhaust, custom paint, custom wheels, a new stereo system, and rear disc brakes. Each of these modifications add to the car in some way - either adding power, looks, or usability. Is that wrong or against the law? No. Neither is hacking an XBox, computer, or alarm clock.

I will tell you what SHOULD be against the law - MS not letting you use XBL if you have a paid subscription just because you have a modded XBox. I notice that they have added it into the TOS for XBL (the unmodded XBox requirement).

How does it hurt MS?