Designing a Great UI the Aqua Way
Subject:   Yes, but...I agree
Date:   2001-11-19 17:26:24
From:   agraham999
Response to: Yes, but...

I absolutely agree. The problem is condensing all these elements into 1600 words or less. When I began writing the column I thought I would simply cover the technical aspects of UI design, assuming that many people were well versed in design...and then I realized after looking at many current applications...that building for Aqua is like landing on the moon for the first time. How do you describe the scope of something so new and an audience that has never been there before? Never in history have developers had to meet such high standards. Apple has really raised the bar here. This article was an attempt at bridging the gap between philosophy and common sense. If this were a book on Aqua design...I would elaborate on many of the subjects you mentioned. But this piece is really focused on those new to give them some basics to think about.

BTW...the iTunes example is a very good one. A play/pause easily replaces an additional button for you similar functionality while simplifying the UI.

Thanks for the reply. Excellent points.