Introduction to Cocoa Graphics, Part 2
Subject:   what is this thing called triangle?
Date:   2001-11-19 20:47:37
From:   psheldon
Response to: got a great doubt

Embarrassment made me doubt doubt.
Bezier class includes methods such as lineto and moveto that will not match tangents and this sets a precident for this other sort of thing getting into the class. I'm also recalling that it makes sense it be in the class without bugs because I recall that there was an option for rounding the corners of a border, so that Apple coders would have gotten the bugs out from that concept, though it is not precisely the same problem, plausibly a similar one. So now I must try to code not so much fearing that I will spend a long time while it doesn't work fearing that Apple might be wrong. The game's afoot!

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  1. changed one line of code for info
    2001-11-19 21:36:51  psheldon [View]

    • no morning vision heuristic, ;-(
      2001-11-20 09:29:58  psheldon [View]

    • thinking in box, curve out of box ;-)
      2001-11-19 22:42:06  psheldon [View]

      • first sample code and story
        2001-11-21 09:54:45  psheldon [View]

        • tool for fluted ends of fonts, serifs (?)
          2001-11-21 12:29:22  psheldon [View]

      • happy you figured it out
        2001-11-20 22:29:03  psheldon [View]

        • The plot thickens!
          2001-11-21 06:40:57  retro [View]

          • The plot thickens! So does the fluted R.
            2001-11-21 14:20:42  psheldon [View]

        • Absolutely
          2001-11-21 05:34:53  retro [View]

          • Absolutely --- ah I see two tangential
            2001-11-21 14:52:20  psheldon [View]

      • I figured it out!
        2001-11-20 21:22:43  retro [View]

      • Thanks...
        2001-11-20 12:09:30  retro [View]

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