Introduction to Cocoa Graphics, Part 2
Subject:   thinking in box, curve out of box ;-)
Date:   2001-11-19 22:42:06
From:   psheldon
Response to: changed one line of code for info

Lay awake and thought, what if first argument attached to first part of your method name, ...ArcFromPoint, meant to draw the arc with a compass point at that point . It didn't make sense to say append... as well as remind the point you were at to append to, so an alternate hypothesis on that argument dawned on me and seemed to have biasing evidence toward it .
Well, setting the radius at 200.0 drew the curve with that radius and tangent to the other parts of the Bezier path outside the cliprect or whatever it is now called, but for thrills I tried other than Apple pie hypothesis radii that were too short. Now, this method is drawing an Apple dent, but, not with the compass point at the apex where I thought I had put it, but out there off cliprect in the opposite direction so as to insure tangency. I tried various floats smaller than 200.0. Negative radius drew nothing nor did fill with the apex from point.
Summary, I got it to draw but did not confirm my alternate interpretation of the argument due to redundancy dissonance, that interpretation being I was placing a compass point. I'm still lost and maybe now ready to sleep for that heuristic rather than constantly rise with blind haymaker hypotheses.

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  1. first sample code and story
    2001-11-21 09:54:45  psheldon [View]

    • tool for fluted ends of fonts, serifs (?)
      2001-11-21 12:29:22  psheldon [View]

  2. happy you figured it out
    2001-11-20 22:29:03  psheldon [View]

    • The plot thickens!
      2001-11-21 06:40:57  retro [View]

      • The plot thickens! So does the fluted R.
        2001-11-21 14:20:42  psheldon [View]

    • Absolutely
      2001-11-21 05:34:53  retro [View]

      • Absolutely --- ah I see two tangential
        2001-11-21 14:52:20  psheldon [View]

  3. I figured it out!
    2001-11-20 21:22:43  retro [View]

  4. Thanks...
    2001-11-20 12:09:30  retro [View]

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