Introduction to Cocoa Graphics, Part 2
Subject:   happy you figured it out
Date:   2001-11-20 22:29:03
From:   psheldon
Response to: thinking in box, curve out of box ;-)

Now, 12:30 A.M. I'm anxious and excited to try out the code and follow your story and see if I can grasp what is going on. I'm sure happy that os 10.1 allows me to connect to my internet computer's lower os 9 appletalk and port over the sample code you give . I shall comment it (take notes on it) and read your story to get the connections going in my head. At first I can be pretty dense, so I better hold off until morning or I'll get in the wrong frame of mind to sleep. But, I'd sure like to peak at it.
Do you know the feeling?

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  1. The plot thickens!
    2001-11-21 06:40:57  retro [View]

    • The plot thickens! So does the fluted R.
      2001-11-21 14:20:42  psheldon [View]

  2. Absolutely
    2001-11-21 05:34:53  retro [View]

    • Absolutely --- ah I see two tangential
      2001-11-21 14:52:20  psheldon [View]

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