Subject:   nslookup doesn't work?
Date:   2004-12-09 19:42:07
From:   Another-Lurker
Response to: nslookup doesn't work?

Thanks for the resource, O'Reilly

Your humor for the night

Bottom line: 10.2 nslookup is broke, use dig. Apple front-line support does not do Unix.

Me: 10.2.8 nslookup doesn't work; can't find name servers

Apple: Mumble, mumble

Me: Unix utility: nslookup. Command line. Error messages. Others like traceroute, ping... work fine. nlookup is broke.

Apple: We don't do Unix!! Don't support. You are on your own. We don't do Unix.

Me: Stop it. Your OS is built out of it. The operative words are: "10.2.8 nslookup doesn't work"

(back and forth as you might imagine - a long time goes by and second-level support gets Instant Messaged )

Apple second-level support (being translated): Using the interactive application?

Me: No. Command line. Error messages. nslookup does not work.

Apple: use netutility

Me: dig works fine, as it does from the command line. Uncheck the "use dig" box. nslookup doesn't work.

Apple second-level support (being translated): works for me!

Me: You are using 10.3

Apple second-level support (being translated): Yes

Me: 10.2.8 nslookup doesn't work

Apple: Upgrade to 10.3

Me: Yes, on my radar, but I need nslookup now.

Apple: I'll open a case and transfer you on up.

Me: ( start from scratch for the third time, repeat above)

Apple: Hmmm, let's check the KB and discussions...

Apple: Well, you can reinstall

Me: Nope, been there, not doing that again, still screwed up from the last time I did this for no reason at your advice.

Apple: Open directory service utility. What services are checked?

Me: None, of course.

Apple: Well, check all of those boxes.

Me: Nope, not doing that. Don't need any of them.

Apple: Well...

Me: Well, using a targeted search string with Google...

Apple: What search string? Hmmm.

Me: Well, I guess it is just broke.

Apple: Sorry to say, looks like it. Sorry. Move to 10.3.

Me: Well, yes, soon, but right now I need nslookup's tricks. Besides, 10.3 is still broken in not too fun ways. How about that encryption?

Apple: Well, yes. But just search for the KB article using the search string "sparce file", then when the desktop disappears just fix it with repair disk permissions.

Me: Well...

(I take advantage of getting past all the flacks front-end who do not do Unix and talk to this knowledgeable, back-end level support person about other stuff for a time past their closing hour.)

Bottom line: 10.2 nslookup is broke, use dig. Apple front-line support does not do Unix.

Elapsed time: over an hour