Excerpt from Linux Cookbook, Part 1
Subject:   Some Corrections
Date:   2004-12-09 23:44:29
From:   shlomif
The -v option for grep does not "turn on verbosity". What it does is invert
the match and only display things that don't match. -e '^' does not mean
exclude the following directory. It specifies a pattern to match, that
happen to match at the beginning of the line (hence the "^"). Several -e's
specify several patterns.

In regards, to the solution proposed for 4.3, it is pretty brain-dead.
Scanning the entire file-system twice is going to take a long time if it is
very crowded. Furthermore, if something else is done there (like a cron-job
or a different user handling his files), it may have some false positives.

Generally, what I do to install programs, is either install from RPM (or
.DEB or whatever), or use autoconf's --prefix option to install everything
under its own directory.

"slay" is interesting.

"keychain" is also interesting.

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