Weblog:   Open Source vs. Mac vs. Windows
Subject:   windows = junk
Date:   2004-12-11 11:36:09
From:   xxsevenxx
i totally agree i have panther and its the best from what i can gather. i had been working on pcs running windows for a while. final summerization of all microsoft products; JUNK. completely unreliable, cheaply made, an absolute waste of money. for instance, it takes at least 5 cds on a windows program to burn 1 cd that works, and this is on most pcs that it does this. i have yet to find a problem with os x. all i can come up with is how much more reliable, easier to use, and better quality os x is. if you want to get something that's stable linux is good, os x is better, and windows (all) is a waste of money.