Cross-Browser Layers: Part 2
Subject:   Alternative hidding for old browser
Date:   2001-11-21 13:01:50
From:   darknerd
In order to do the support older browers, one must do a lot of document.write commands as suggestion in the article. This seems ugly, but there is nothing much that can be done :-\

I found though that when hidding content, it content takes up a lot of space even though it is invisible. This includes , especially for images as well.

So, I have an alternative idea.

For hiding images, use a default image of a 1px by 1px transparent gif. Then as apart of the show function replace the image.src with a full gif.

For hiding text in the document, one could make the font color equal to background. The font color could then be change to the appropriate color, e.g. document.all[myObj].style.color = "black", document.layer[myObj].color = black, and I think... document.getElementById("myObj").color = black.

In this manner, document.write()s are not needed as the content will be hidden in older browers using the above suggestion anyhow...