Introduction to Cocoa Graphics, Part 2
Subject:   Absolutely --- ah I see two tangential
Date:   2001-11-21 14:52:20
From:   psheldon
Response to: Absolutely

Paragraph 2 :
I hadn't seen this. Thank you. So, forcing my mind to stretch along my theory as well. You start the leg of the R on each side of the fill and pull the leg with the method to the end of the flute. I think with your direction of the end control, you have two have arguments switched to have it flute each way.
You wrote : "Trying to explain it to you brought understanding to me".
Finding out that writing something to explain to Rockwell Space Division, I was actually explaining it to myself was a life changing experience. In industry, you have those who move up by copying politically correct statements and believing them. People have thought that whenever someone talks to some other, someone is wasting someone else's time because one person must be learning and the other finding him a parasite. Others have thought both people are wasting time. Some supervisors are jealous of other people talking to each other because that takes "power" away from the supervisor and you should report through formal channels of command. Others brow beat you for wasting the valuable supervisors time talking to him. Should should should, all a mockery for job security in Rockwell Space Division. If you can should someone else you are holier than thou in SoCal and that works to get you job security (or, at least, that is the way a senior there explained it to me).
My life changing experience was to go to each individual with one paragraph and ask what was the worst, most incomprehensible, sentence in that paragraph. The people, not a specialist in what I was hot to, found that very easy, even though they were astonished that I would ask them such a question. Everybody in the think tank read one of the paragraphs and picked the awful sentence and I rewrote each of those sentences. I got smart from everyone elses complaints, didn't noticeably bother them because they didn't have to understand anything just say what single sentence they least understood in a single paragraph. I cited them all!
Analogous to Captain Kirk I hope I can continue to believe that "I don't believe in the win lose scenario", though his was the Kobyashi Maroon (sp?) "I don't believe in the no win scenario" cheat.
You might summarize my attempted inspiration with intuition transcends formal channels of communication. Formal channels of communication are from a funny book, "The Psychology of Computer Programming" .
Paragraph 3 :
I saw the picture. You have remembered some lesson I forgot or know how to make a screen shot in os x. Cool. We have a new window on results we can show each other. The picture clearly illustrates the two tangent matching ends of the arc. I found the picture easy to refer to rather than rerunning the code. I then grasped the new concept you found.
Well, now I think I should rest and watch Robin Hood Prince of Thieves with Kevin Costner.