SSH on Mac OS X for Worry-Free Wireless
Subject:   SSH Problem with Instructions
Date:   2001-11-22 08:21:08
From:   cochella
Great article; clear concise.

However, I am unable to repeat the SSH public/private key login process.

I following the instructions exactly and was always prompted for a password and not a passphrase (I chose to provide a passphrase).

The closest I can get to being prompted for a passphrase (I also get prompted for a password after entering the passphrase) is to do a few changes:

1. On the remote host put the public key in .ssh2/ and create a file called "authorization" that contains "Key". This is for multiple keys I believe.

2. Edit the key on local and remote to remove "ssh-dss" at the beginning of the key file and the "username@localhost" at the end of the key file.

After doing all of this I still get the following session:

ssh -l chris
Enter passphrase for key '/Users/cochella/.ssh/identity':'s password:
Last login: Thu Nov 22 09:28:36 2001 from
[chris@server1 cochella]$

If I understand everything this means that passphrase encryption (based on the keys) did not take place and a lesser form of encryption via the password was executed. Is this correct?

How can I fix this?

I have been forward and backward with all possible combinations and verifying passwords.

Thank you,


Local System: Mac OSX 10.1
Remote System: RedHat 6.2 running openssh

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