Introduction to Cocoa Graphics, Part 2
Subject:   tried with 10.1 PB/IB?
Date:   2001-11-22 11:56:22
From:   dwchris
(Sorry for posting this here, but my post under the older article (Legs for Simple text Editor) went unanswered and I figure that no one is reading the older ones.)

has anyone built SimpleTExtEdior with Legs project with the 10.1 dev tools? I find that they are subtly different and you cant follow the instruction steps in the article anymore.

I trudged on anyway, but had to instantiate the mydocument class to get anything to work.
When I did, it builds okay, but I get the error "cant save document" mentioned in the other messages. but none of the pitfalls there seem to apply. the outlet appears to wired up etc. When I debug, after a user save, my dataRepresentationOfType routine is called but evidently something goes wrong.

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  1. tried with 10.1 PB/IB?
    2001-11-22 13:12:19  psheldon [View]

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