Windows Compatibility for the Linux Desktop
Subject:   Too bad they don't honor their commitments
Date:   2004-12-13 20:42:50
From:   foobar1029
It's just too bad that a company that touts it's strengths so well and produces a good product for linux such as this has such a poor track record of honoring thier business commitments. I personally know 4 people that have not been paid salary owed to them for over 2 years while the company obviously continues to struggle on at some level.

I'd worry very much about NeTraverse's ability to provide future releases before investing any of my money in this product. Where is Windows 2000/XP support? It's been promised for a long time, but they have not released it. Why? They have no staff left to do it and no way to pay them! One of thier principal investors of several years has filed a lawsuit against them. They do not pay their ex-employees, nor does the CEO treat people with any honesty or respect.

Run, don't walk to buy VMWare or use crossover or bochs if you can't afford that.