Distributed Enterprise Messaging with MantaRay
Subject:   I don't quite get it
Date:   2004-12-14 01:47:32
From:   hasleh
I've read the article, and I've read a user manual on the MantaRay website. The user manual includes a description of how you can use MantaRay with JBoss, WebLogic and WebSphere. And it states that although you don't need it know, you might need to use JNDI to look up the QueConnectionFactory in the future. (It is highly recommended to use JNDI!)

What I don't understand is; I thought this was supposed to be JMS in a peer-to-peer kind of way? If I need JNDI, then won't I need an application server? (I'm sure there are standalone JNDI-solutions, but at least I will be tied to a server-application!) And if I have an application server, why would I want to use MantaRay instead of the JMS-solution provided with the application server?

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