Freedom or Power?
Subject:   address the points that WERE made
Date:   2001-11-22 20:33:15
From:   daevt
long time listener, first time caller. when i first got into writing software, FSF welcomed me with open arms, by showing me what the world could be. they preached that everybody should share.

then they flex their social responsibility and force certian library maintainers to use a licence not of their choosing (LGPL2.1 v. LGPL2,

to the people at the "Free Software Movement" (when did they switch to a movement?), i say this:

The sign of a bad argument is when you twist around the other party's words to gain a logical victory. Try addressing the point that were made in the essay, and not the ones that you think you can misinturprite from the actual argument. Trust me, you will in no time be forming arguments that hold water, not be forced to attack people in your opening remarks, and be less universally laughed at if you do. i do believe there is some relavent remark about flies, viniger and honey.