Hack:   Don't Fear the Registry
Subject:   desparate help needed
Date:   2004-12-16 19:43:59
From:   VBAHole22
Response to: easier solution

I stumbled on this thread as I was struggling with an xp issue.
For some reason one day XP stopped seeing my cd and
dvd drives. I read about a reg hack where you delete
two keys called "UpperFillers" and "LowerFillers". I
went in and deleted these but I think I deleted the
wrong ones. I zapped the ones for the keyboard and the
When I boot I can't use my keyboard or mouse so I
can't log in, can I?
I made a backup to the registry before starting and I
have older xp restore points as well. But how can I
even get in to use these.
Please, any help you can provide me would be greatly,
greatly appreciated.

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