Road Testing the PowerBook Ti 667
Subject:   Bye-bye Windows Thanks to TiBook (Fan Follow-up)
Date:   2001-11-26 08:50:13
From:   derrick
Response to: Bye-bye Windows Thanks to TiBook

I want to add a few thoughts about the fan, because it's different that what I've experienced in other laptops.

First of all, the fan doesn't run all the time; it only kicks on when the processor begins to get hot. It's much like the cooling fan in my car that remains idle until the guage hits about three quarters high.

I like this design because the constant hum of most fans is annoying -- second only to grinding hard drives. The TiBook fan only kicks in a couple times during an average two-hour session. And when things cool off, it turns off.

This is another of the "nice touches" that make the TiBook a well-thought-out work of hardware.