A Custom JSP Tag Library for Dynamic Menus
Subject:   doubt regd. jdbcmenutag
Date:   2004-12-20 00:41:28
From:   zeesunil
This is sunil.
Your dynamic jdbcmenutag is excellent and working fine.
It is working perfect in horizontal format.
But i need in vertical format.
What changes i have to do to get it vertical.

plz send the detail documentation of making it vertical to this id :


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  1. doubt regd. jdbcmenutag---very urgent
    2005-07-09 04:23:30  Selvi [View]

  2. doubt regd. jdbcmenutag
    2004-12-20 21:27:30  zeesunil [View]

    • doubt regd. jdbcmenutag
      2005-01-29 06:33:52  vilpesh [View]

      • doubt regd. jdbcmenutag
        2006-03-13 13:36:54  jayens [View]

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