Introduction to Cocoa Graphics, Part 2
Subject:   Programming With Cocoa series dying?
Date:   2001-11-26 20:39:39
From:   mikebeam
Response to: Programming With Cocoa series dying?

Hey everyone, thanks for checking in on the state of the column, i appreciate it! Let me respond by saying i second everything Derrick said. I don't have any plans on letting this column fade away, and I apologize for my lack of activity in the forum and perceived lack of interest. I am still as interested and enthusiastic about this column as i ever was.

So what gives, you ask? Well, I've got 22 hours of class this semester, and i graduate in 2 weeks. Unfortunately school has a way of overshadowing so much else in life. I'll do my best to watch the boards more closely in the next month or so ("but, Mike, you said you graduate in 2 weeks, a month?" Get this, i have to take finals _after_ i walk across the stage in my robe. Weird.), and after that i'll be more active like i was at the end of the summer.

BTW, for everyone who has sent me email, and i've failed to reply, I apologize to you too. I do appreciate all the email you send me, and read all of them.

So, thats what's happening on my end of the column. Hope you all enjjoy all the stuff Derrick has coming. I know i'm looking forward to it!