How to Solve SP2 Application Compatibility Problems
Subject:   SP2 nightmare
Date:   2004-12-20 04:52:03
From:   eagleprof
I just bought a brand new Dell laptop with XP SP2 installed, and I am already frustrated (in less than 24 hours).

Basically, I have tried to install three different programs and every single installation hangs when it reaches the "installing now..." window with the progress bar.

I have tried installing with the windows firewall off and all of the Norton security off too. And the programs are not obscure either. They are Macromedia's Dreamweaver MX, and the latest versions of EudoraPro Mail and mySQL.

I've decided to try a clean install of XP and if that fails (which the cynic in me says will), I'm going back to Win 2000. I've never had a single problem with Win2K in four years of constant use and software development. Microsoft really should've stuck with that platform and improved its security instead of the resource hungry XP!