Subject:   from John, an unsigned artist
Date:   2004-12-20 13:44:24
From:   motion
Response to: from John, an unsigned artist

Hi John, producer
Just curious to know why you are so angry over something that you just admitted you don't much about - No being an artist and all. I see that I am a could of year off. haha. But I will respond anyways. Artist do not make as much as you think. The Madonna's, Janet Jackson's and Michael Jackson's of this industry only account for less then 10% of the artists on these labels. 90% of all albums on ALL label fail to recoup. That is a fact. The producer, writers, publishers and record companies are the ones who make money. The artist is pimped pretty much. And in case you didn't know the artist also gets paid LAST. Therefore the writer, producer, publisher and company get most of their money before the album recoup. IF it recoups. This is not hidden information, so instead of getting upset about these artist wanting to get paid, then educate yourself to figure out why 100% of the artist are getting screwed. Learn the laws of copyright/ contracts and industry practise before you dig your whole that you are not supporting by the way. The artist does not price the album, the record company does and bills the artists for all expenses. The list is long my friend. Remember this is 90% business and 10% music (if that much) The work more than 17hrs. by the way and have a family to support. Don't put all artist (an industry you know nothing about) in this category you feel they are in. Appearance is EVERYTHING in this industry therefore you BETTER look RICH because you are the PRODUCT (not the artist) you are are PRODUCT. All I am trying to say is. You are so far off your mark it ain't even funny. You can now chose to learn more about this or stay ignorant on the topic - your choice but DON"T GET MAD when you choose to be ignorant on THIS topic of MP3 and downloading. By the way - why do you listen to music or watch tv and film/ video games or radio? should all of those be free? Just because it is entertainment. What do you do for a living? How about you work for me for free. You don't seem to mind that concept. If someone puts work into it, then you should pay to use it. END OF STORY.

We haven't even touched on how royalties work either. haha. Man go check out

And you will see just a glimpse of why artists are upset with downloading. You don't know this industry so don't make uneducated comments - you would laugh if you saw how much an artist makes pure CD sold. I can tell you this much. It is less than 10% of the retail price (minus, packaging, video, touring, advances, producer, manager, free goods etc.) In fact most artist own the label money after their career. Why do you think they use the term "BUY OUT". haha.

kind regards,