Subject:   from John, an unsigned artist
Date:   2004-12-20 14:39:44
From:   motion
Response to: from John, an unsigned artist

Hi there,

I agree with what you said however I disagree with the sampling part. It doesn't sound like you fully understand how sampling is done because you lumped everyone in this one category. And by the way, most people who sample DO NOT consider themselves musicians. haha. And in fact there are plenty of producers who do play instruments but CHOOSE not to do so. Which I disagree with. Live instruments will never go out of style. You would be surprised what big name artist sample. ie. James Brown. haha. Not very many people know that. And if the producer was amazing at sampling - you would never know that they sampled it. My friend I could sample your music and tell you which songs I used and you still could not identify it. Music is changing and it all depends on how artist/musicians/producers use those tools. My friend, everyone/ producer samples differently. Some are damn ugly at it and some do need their credit. But if you have NEVER heard of a wicked producer who samples and know how they sample then you are choosing to stay uniformed. Sampling comes in many shapes and sizes. You would be surprised. Even orchestra productions sample. haha. And I bet some of your favourite artists sampled 1 or 2 notes here or there in the studio - Just for fun. haha. It can help in the development of music or it can kill. And right now I think it is killing it. (at least with the commercial artist) Unless you know underground, again don't stay uniformed. Sampling ranges from sampling even a midi (not playing it) to sampling from previously recorded music / sounds which consists of 1 note to a whole loop. That is how it can vary. Check out the ROOTS - they do both. That is what I mean. And if you are basing this souly on what you hear on the radio then you have not aware of what is our there. Producers who sample do not want to be musicians. haha. That is why they sample. Furthermore many of them have bands who play their samples/ beat and create from that as the foundation. If you don't know what I am talking about then again, you have not done your research. Sorry to rant like this, but you insulted a group that know nothing about. Not all sampling is stealing by the way. Check out cc - a new form of copyright. ARTIST are supporting this. haha. because they know and understand the different forms of sample. Hell they even sample their own music. haha.

And again, I do agree "actually playing" the music is the thing to do, but I can create sounds and beats that you would like but didn't know it was 100% sampled, and get my band to play it later when they are all together (by the way that is another way of sampling)

And if you have a problem with sampling then don't get mad at the producers/ beat makers - get mad at the promoter of it (the record companies and the radio stations)


Don't Wanna Be A Musician. haha.

Peace out.