Learning the Terminal in Jaguar, Part 1
Subject:   Commands not found in Terminal
Date:   2004-12-21 10:13:12
From:   jamiekravitz
I've been trying to udpate my MOXAMP configuration on my Powerbook using 10.2.8, and was having trouble with Terminal, so came back to these great tutorials to see if redoing them would refresh my memory.
But I think there's something wrong with my Terminal program. It doesn't recognize 'pico' as a command. In my PHP drama it also doesn't recognize 'grep', 'egrep' and some others. When I try to open crontab for the tutorial, i get:
pico: Command not found.
I installed the Developer Tools. Is there anything else I should do??
This used to work for me before, but I had to reinstall the whole system a while back because of a fatal problem.